Saturday, 31 May 2014

Little Extras

Over the course of this build, I've added a few extra bits that might be useful for people to be aware of, so here they are:

The same method of attaching the curtain rail, I used the excess to hang a washing/hanging line in the back half of the van.

I used some simple 54p nail bed plates from Wickes to protect the carpet lining from repeated opening and closing of the rear doors.

 A cheap shoe organiser that normally goes behind doors was acquired from Dunelm for £3.50 and screwed onto the wall opposite for the bed for a very useful storage section.

The ultimate aim is to gain a leisure battery for use in the back of the van, or one that links to the main battery, to charge entertainment items such as laptop etc for those longer/wetter trips away. However, in the interim, this power inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter and can power your laptop, with another usb charging port too. Only cost me £17 from Lidl. Untested as yet, but I'm sure it will prove useful. Also fits in cup holder.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Thomas I stumbled across your blog looking for ideas to convert my Berlingo with the same aim - to keep it as a functional van everything removable. Great simple ideas I especially like the folding bed and the shoe rack storage.